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Emcee-driven social experiences and live entertainment solutions produced to build up and support Indianapolis area partners and the communities they serve.
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Listen – I get it! LIVE's a bitch but it doesn't have to be! My 15+ year professional life has been spent working in three industries/sectors: full-service restaurants and bars, not-for-profits, and live entertainment. Because of this I understand and can empathize with the situations present on the other side of the partnerships I build. Having experience within my partners' industries allows me to foresee and mitigate issues earlier, read the room quicker, and offer creative suggestions (promotion, marketing, game content, etc) that are beneficial to everyone involved.



My goal with every experience is simple - to build a genuine sense of community for my partners and their audiences.  It's hard nowadays to find something that allows you to build real human connections - which I just so happen to think is the most important aspect of life. So, I decided to make a career out of doing just that; connecting humans via live entertainment-based social experiences, and to do so by building partnerships within the communities I know and love.



Whether it's been playing a "delightfully depressing" five year old in "You're A Good Man Charlie Brown" on a local theatre stage, being the source of my mom's explosion of public laughter, lip-syncing to SNL's Surprise Party Sue sketch as alter ego, Avery Dane, or emceeing events and fundraisers all around Indianapolis - entertainment has always been in me. Nowadays, I specialize in emcee-driven social experiences including traditional offerings - trivia, bingo, karaoke, etc. - as well as one-of-a-kind, creative solutions - e.g., pub-style versions of popular board, card, or party games, live game shows, and custom party games.


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